Contributing Editors

Gopal MS, is a blogger who has been documenting the streets of Mumbai for over a decade. An advertising copywriter by profession, he is a keen observer and chronicler of everyday life in a changing city. He posts daily on @mumbaipaused and also shares his work in the form of photo books.

Swati Pathak dwells between the bylanes of loitering and writing. A Pune-based urban practitioner, she works @parisar_org on issues of sustainable mobility, gender and climate action. An amateur but keen bird watcher, she reserves her ethnographic eye to document cities and streets @weloiter and architecture @punehouses.

Sailen Routray is a writer and translator based in Bhubaneswar. His interests lie in the anthropology of development and governance, food studies, vernacular urbanisms, educational alternatives, life writing and the contemporary history of Odisha. He has translated across Odia, Hindi and English, including the education classic Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich, essays of Arundhati Roy, Odia modernist poetry and children’s literature. He blogs at

Somok Roy @shauq.i.fuzul studies the history of Islam in South Asia, c.1200–1800 CE. He has a master’s in medieval and early modern history from the Department of History, University of Delhi. He loves to put the archive in conversation with spaces that exist beyond it. He also writes on sounds, spaces and images located in and across time.